Grids and Guides - 3 Notepad Set

Princeton Architectural Press

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Spark Your Creative Thinking

Sketch, catalog, plot, thumbnail, dream, and develop with these three distinctive, colorful tablets.

Whether used for list making, letter writing, imaginative doodling, or visualizing designs, this collection of portable graph-paper pads is an essential tool for creative and visual thinkers.

Each pad features handy scientific resources—from precise measurements to Pythagoras's constant to the golden ratio—to spark creative thinking or aid in the design process.

Three notepad set

Green - Isometric grid
Draw projections of 3-D objects and spaces or make triangular tesselations.

Blue - 1/8-inch Grid
Plot numerical data or sketch architectural plans on this basic grid.

Red - Log-log plot
Graph data on logarithmic scales; monomials (y = ax2) appear as straight lines.

Publisher: Princeton Architectural Press
ISBN: 9781616893705
Colors: Green, blue, and red
Size: 3 notepads, 50 pages each, 6 x 9 inches

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